About us

After 30 years in the recruitment industry, we have become increasingly aware of the need to support Senior Managers & Executives during various stages of their career transition. Why is this relevant? These individuals spend 60-80 hours per week focussed on their high-pressure roles and have little time to gain perspective on industry changes and the impact on their careers.

We believe that as a Professional, a portion of your time should be invested in ensuring that you are always Career Ready™. We will ensure you have defined career goals, an established career network and have an impressive, credible digital presence and online reputation.

Trevor Gildenhuys

CareerConversations is a division of Talent Network, founded by Trevor Gildenhuys in 2003. His vision was to create a platform, which fully supports networking and collaboration, and then leverage the collaborative partnerships to provide exceptional talent to business.
CareerConversations dovetails with these partnerships to assist individuals in leveraging career transition and growth opportunities.

Pam Moore
HR Executive

Pam Moore has extensive experience in blue chip corporates as an HR executive and a strategic planning executive. She has run her own consultancy for 18 years, consulting to businesses in talent management and developing their employer brand, and coaching individuals’ career development. She collaborates with Trevor to bring CareerConversations services to a broader audience.