How Successful Companies Are Winning The Competition For Talent In The Human Age

Companies today are hungry for talent. But what is talent hungry for? Increasingly, individuals with in-demand skills are rejecting traditional corporate pathways in favor of managing their own careers on their own terms. Although still drawn to good employer brands, top talent is not looking to a company to provide a “job for life” but rather a “career for me.” That is, how do my interests align with the organization’s goals and how can we work together to meet those shared objectives while deepening and broadening my skills and capabilities?

Bottom line: In today’s Human Age, the organization succeeds by helping the individual succeed.

Not your mother’s or your father’s career

Instead of a “career for life,” they want a “career for me.” In today’s talent-driven market, optimizing human potential is the most critical determinant of future business success and growth. It’s critical for organizations to recognize this new reality and make the shift – strategically and operationally – from being job providers to being career enablers.

To attract and retain the talent they need to succeed, successful companies are:

  • Abandoning the hierarchical and often paternalistic people management structures of the past
  • Redefining their relationship with employees as a mutually beneficial alliance
  • Building workplace cultures that encourage personal and professional growth