“Why should we hire you?” This is actually one of the most common questions asked at a job interview.

If you’re feeling upbeat and glad the question is being asked, you’re at a good starting point because it is a question that gives you the opportunity to specifically inform the employer what you have to offer, why you make a good fit, and continue to sell, sell, sell to seal the deal to a job offer!

When answering this question, there are several things you need to think about:

What do you have to offer that others can’t offer?

Often the thinking is to simply respond with relevant experience and skills, but if you really want to win the employer over, you need to take it a step further. The most important question to ask in an interview is: “What is the biggest challenge someone will face in this position in the first six months?”

Knowing this, answer as to how you have faced these challenges before and stress the results you have achieved.

Also think about not just the relevant experience and skills you have to offer, but how those experiences and the skills differ from what other candidates may be able to offer.

Why do you want to work for them?

Employers want to hire talent who will be pumped to work for them, so when you respond expressing your interest in the company and the business, make sure it’s backed up with information. You don’t just want to say a blank statement like: I like the company and its culture.

Offer details on it like: I’ve seen how the company has maintained its competitiveness with the product launch of X, Y, and Z and infiltrated new markets like Asia and Europe. I believe in the company’s approach and that it will be a long-standing leader in the industry, so I’d like to be part of it. I believe I can add value with my previous experience and success in….

This latter response informs the employer more on why you want to work with them and how you can bring value to them. Of course, you will have to do some research ahead of time on the company and business to be able to provide such a response.

Where do you want to be in three years?

This is where you have to show that you want to stay with the employer as retention is key to them. It is also a great opportunity to ask them about career growth. Good answers include:

‘I like to stay challenged and learn new things and I expect your firm can do that for me. What kind of positions have others who started in this role moved onto?’

Whether the question is asked at the job interview or not, be prepared with a response because it’ll benefit you to weave it into your communication.